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For every artist, the need to express themselves stems from somewhere, weather it be a song, a moment, a person or simply just life experiences. For Njol Badjie that urge showed up in the form of music and that feeling was a sudden force that grew effortlessly through out his life.

Njol is a musical talent from Stockholm, Sweden. With a heavy interest in both basketball and music, he was first introduced to the world, 2011, as the hype man in Panetoz, the group behind the super hit-song “dansa pausa”. Today, the music reflects his life story and experiences as he draw inspiration from real life and the people surrounding him. Njol´s love for music first took life at the age of nine when he first heard his sister sing and play the piano. As a teenager, he began paying attention to his older cousin who was a rising producer. Thereafter, Njol decided that he wanted to try music himself. What started off as a way to entertain himself and kill some time quickly grew into something much more serious and passionate. The music become an outlet for what he had a cumulated and learned the past few years. As Njols father tragically and prematurely passed away when Njol was only 15, he dealt with that loss and challenges by turning to basketball as well as music. His upbringing and background eventually lead to Njol´s roots running through Panetoz where he laid the groundwork for his singing career.

Being a member of the joyful musical group, Pantoz, which in essence means that a life ought to be lived to its limits filled with beautiful music, allowed the talent to create music with influenses from Gambia, Ethiopia, Angola, and The Congo. The group collectively created a path for their own sound while singing in several different languages for a globalized world. That strong message is something Njol still holds dearly.

After six years with Panetoz and a career consisting of sold out shows all around the world, Njol is eager to reach new levels musically. Since the age of nine, Njol has never lost his ear and love for great music and sounds which bring us to his next project. On August 25, 2017, he’s releasing his first highly anticipated solo single titled “SELF”. The single was created and sparked after a conversation with his friend and creative director, David Nzinga, that was followed by a concentrated studio session. Njol´s new single SELF is best defined as a melodic fusion of afro pop, trap and urban elements creating a catchy layered and textured sound. Enjoy!